2014 Registration

Please CAREFULLY read the information below, and instructions for participation prior to registration, and complete the registration form to participate.

Postcard Exchange Guidelines:

  • Create and send five (5) handmade postcards (not manufactured, pre-printed, purchased), via the postal service, to assigned matches. Participants will be in groups of 6, and will send a postcard to each of the 5 others in their group. Matches will be sent via email.

Group 1 – Rose, Martha, Donna, Amelia, Arthur, Clara
Rose sends postcards to Martha, Donna, Amelia, Arthur & Clara
Martha sends postcards to Rose, Donna, Amelia, Arthur & Clara

  • Matches will be random, except for some consideration to geography. Also, children/teens will be assigned to groups with other children/teens, or a mix of children/teens/adults.
  • Due to random matching, you might receive international matches. Current international postal rate for a 3-ounce standard-sized letter from the US is $3.12. We will try to “mix it up,” so people have domestic and international matches.
  • Envelopes are required. Postal machinery damages postcards. The post office might dispose of items that affect processing machinery (due to adhesives or decorative embellishments). Decorate envelopes with non-textured art materials that won’t get caught or leave residue on postal machinery, like watercolor, colored pencil, markers, or ink & stamping. Be sure the send and return addresses are clearly legible.
  • All addresses should meet international postal standards. USE PROPER CAPITALIZATION (the postal service prefers ALL CAPS), use proper state/territory codes (NY, not Ny or New York; VIC, not Victoria; ON, not Ontario). Addresses should be entered on the form exactly as they should appear on the envelope, line-by-line, NOT a single line of text. All addresses should include the country, in all capital letters (USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, etc.). Be advised that addresses that have to be edited or present other problems will be withdrawn from the exchange. It is very time-consuming to verify and correct 100′s of addresses. PLEASE VISIT THE LINKS BELOW TO VERIFY PROPER ADDRESS FORMAT.

United States Postal Service International Addressing Tips
International Mailing Address Formats
Frank’s Compulsive Guide to Postal Addresses

Example address:
123 MAIN ST.
TOWN, ST 12345-6789