WDD Postcard

The World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange promotes the use of creative visual expression by individuals affected by diabetes to build a worldwide diabetes community and raise awareness about diabetes. Participants in the Postcard Exchange are encouraged to use the blue circle as a visual element of their postcards to represent unity and collaboration, and increase the blue circle’s recognition as the global symbol of diabetes.

The World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange was founded in 2011 by Lee Ann Thill who organizes and facilitates the project. Lee Ann is a Registered Board Certified Art Therapist, Pennsylvania Licensed Professional Counselor, and an advocate for arts-based interventions and improved mental health services in diabetes care. Lee Ann is active in diabetes social media as blogger at The Butter Compartment, and founder and facilitator of Diabetes Art Day, another art-based initiative that promotes healing through creativity. She has a private practice in suburban Philadelphia, where she specializes in helping individuals and families address emotional, psychological and relational issues related to living with diabetes. She is also Adjunct Professor of Art Therapy at Holy Family University, and a doctoral student in the Expressive Therapies program at Lesley University, researching the use of art therapy with diabetes patients. Lee Ann is a painter and mixed media artist who believes creative expression is a path to healing and embracing life with diabetes.