World Diabetes Day

Details for joining the World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange are below. Please review before you register. Important: If you decide you can NOT participate after registering, PLEASE send an email to Lee Ann stating you need to withdraw.

1. Complete the online registration form: 2014 Registration

2. Respond to the email confirmation. We need to verify your email address, and it’s your opportunity to withdraw if you decide you cannot participate. If you do not respond, your name will be withdrawn.

3. Expect to receive the names and addresses of your 5 postcard buddies in mid-November. There is a late start this year, so please start making your postcards while you await your matches.

4. Create five postcards, incorporating the World Diabetes Day Blue Circle into your design. This is an ART PROJECT. Your postcard should be a unique creation, unlike any postcard you can buy. If you do not want to create five separate designs, try working assembly-line style to make them all at once – each will be similar, but still subtly unique. For inspiration and ideas, check the 2011, 2012, and 2013 Galleries, and WDDPE Facebook page. You do NOT need artistic skill to create your postcard. Have fun, express what is in your heart, and the beauty will emerge!

5. Complete the following information on the back of the postcard to introduce yourself to your postcard buddy.

2014 Postcard Message:
1) Name
2) Age, or grade in school (if that applies), or a hint to help your buddy know about how old you are (i.e. “I’m in my 40′s,” “I’m in high school,” “I have 3 grandchildren.”)
3) An interesting fact about where you live
4) Your connection to diabetes (this can include year/age of diagnosis, how you manage it)
5) One thing you do (or would like to do) to maintain a positive attitude about diabetes
6) Share an interesting non-diabetes fact about yourself

6. Mail your postcard in an envelope. Postal processing machinery can damage postcards, so using an envelope will help ensure that your postcard arrives at its destination.

7. Expect a postcard to arrive in your mailbox.

8. Post a photo of the postcard you receive in the online 2014 WDD Postcard Gallery (link coming soon) and on the World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange Facebook page. You are also encouraged to share it on your personal Facebook page, twitter, and other social media platforms, as well as offline to help raise awareness about diabetes.